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Reizigers Advies Raad

Vervoerregio Amsterdam

Information in English

The Reizigers Advies Raad (RAR) (i.e., literally the Passengers Advisory Council) is a gathering of several consumer organizations/focus groups for public transit in the Amsterdam area (i.e., the City and County/Municipality of Amsterdam and 15 surrounding counties/municipalities). Travellers are represented through these consumer organizations and the consumer organizations are represented in the RAR.


By law, in the Netherlands transit companies and authorities are required to formally obtain advice from organizations like the RAR in certain cases. In addition to these required cases, the transit companies and authorities request and the RAR advises the former and latter on a voluntary basis too.

If you have complaints related to your travel experiences in the Amsterdam area, please contact the transit company that provided the service. Contact details can be found under 'links and downloads' or by clicking on the internal link at the bottom of the page.

Please contact the RAR for more information by clicking on 'contact' on top of the page; contact details can be found there or the form can be filled out. Alternatively, you can phone during office hours: +31 20 5273 700 (GMT +1)

RAR vergadering met Prorail spreker
Photo: Prorail representative presenting at RAR meeting. Photo by Holger Jansen